Life Science

Turn key laboratories

Life Science

One of DutchRE’s specializations is the development of laboratories and cleanrooms for companies in the Life Sciences sector. Tailor-made facilities are realized in collaboration with a team of specialized architects and installers.

Rosalyn building


For tenant Wacker Biotech we designed and build a ML1, ML-2 and ML-3-laboratory. Wacker Biotech is the microbial CDMO – your all-in partner of choice for the contract manufactoring of therapeutic proteins, vaccines, live microbial products and plasmid DNA.

Rosalyn building


For tenant MeiraGTX we designed and build a ML-2 and ML-3 laboratory. MeiraGTx is a clinical-stage gene therapy company focused on developing potentially curative treatments for patients living with serious diseases.

Marie building


For tenant LUMICKS we build ML-1 and ML-2 laboratories. LUMICKS is the leading supplier of dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis instruments. Their instruments allow researchers to build the crucial and as yet unfinished bridge between structure and function at both a molecular and a cellular level.

AHTC building


For tenant NanoString we designed and build a ML1 laboratory. NanoString is the pioneer in the field a spatial biology, NanoString enables scientists across the globe to envision molecular interactions in three dimensions with three different DNA systems.

Carol building


For tenant Nostics we designed and build a ML-2 laboratory and office space. Nostics is working on diagnostics in the critical first step on the path to effective treatment and improving health outcomes.

Elisabeth building


The Elisabeth building is currently being transformed into a life-science building with ML-3 laboratory facilities in place. The building is suited for different laboratory users.