DutchRE can perform day to day asset- and property management duties for portfolios of all sizes. 

DutchRE can act as delegated developer or perform total project development management to ensure that the development process will end up with the optimal product, on time and within budget. Furthermore, we can source opportunities for new developments or redevelop existing properties. DutchRE is able to manage all aspects of the development process on behalf of the client. Moreover, we develope structured real-state products that can range from bond related financial products to alignment of interest funds. These products can be newly created or find their origin within existing portfolio of the clients.

Fiscal and financial optimizing results play a key factor within the development of the products. In the past, the team of DutchRE was involved in many developments. Our current portfolio only shows the developments under the name of DutchRE. To find out more about our past developments, contact us or take a look at our team page.