Strategic Real Estate Advice


DutchRE provides strategic real-estate advice helping investors to make the right decisions. Through in-depth knowledge of the market DutchRE can give an expert opinion in defining strategies on acquisition, disposition, marketing, financing, product development and other relevant areas. Moreover, DutchRE can execute the defined strategies of the client and perform all relevant duties.

Project Development

DutchRE can act as delegated developer on behalf of the client, both by sourcing new opportunities and in the developing of concepts for existing projects in need of a new idea. Within the assignment given DutchRE will initiate, control and manage the entire development process with activities comprising zoning, planning, budgeting and construction management. In close communication with the clients an optimal product will be agreed, realized and delivered, on time and within budget. The marketing of the project is included in the service.

Asset Management

DutchRE performs asset management services for portfolios of all sizes. Taking care of the clients investment portfolio includes all commercial, financial and technical aspects. In addition, DutchRE can perform owner-representation duties to tenants on a daily basis. Of course, a reporting in format and frequency to the clients wishes is included in the package. On a single-asset basis DutchRE is able to provide the client Project Management services ensuring a timely delivery within budget of selected refurbishment and transformation projects.

Product Development

DutchRE develops structured real-state products on behalf of the client. These products can range from bond related financial products to alignment of interest funds. Products can be newly created or find their origin within existing portfolios of the client.  Fiscal and financial optimization play a key factor within the development of the products.

Property Management

A flawless Operational Management is the foundation of a satisfied tenant base and therefore for success. In 2020 a Joint Venture was made with one of the larger independent Property Management companies in the Netherlands active in managing large residential projects as well as single commercial assets: Fris investment Care (founded 1923). The JV entity IQPM delivers property management services exclusively for clients of DutchRE.